Hello Journey Group! Yesterday was my last arts workshop for the musical! We got the honor of having Chryssie Whitehead come in and teach us a movement workshop! It was so cool! We did a lot of getting out of our body and loving our own imperfections as well as others. We did across the room dances and we cheered for each other and laughed at ourselves when we were not getting it right. It was a room full of acceptance and love. Going through that with the cast of the musical along with other PFO members really bonded us as a group! Chryssie helped me realize that if we embrace our imperfections and love others than we can go through life happier than if we worry about every little thing. People’s thoughts cannot hurt you unless you let them. Their thoughts are just poofs in the air. I could not be more grateful for Chryssie coming in, and for the group of friends that PFO has brought to me. In Gratitude, Evey