This Saturday, we had another committee meeting, and another arts experience. Except, this arts experience was a little different. This time dance, musical theater, and children’s theater joined, and we had the privilege of being taught by the one and only Chrissy Whitehead!! It was so much fun! Not only did Chrissy teach us dance, but she also taught us the importance of self confidence. My favorite thing we did is we all stood in row on one side of the room, and we would walk, and dance across to the other side. But there’s a twist. We weren’t allowed to look at the floor, and we had to walk or dance as confidently as we could. As we did that for a while, in the middle of the room, we would do a mini dance, and then continue to the opposite side of the room. Then when we finished that, she taught us a small part of a dance from the original choreography from the Broadway musical “Chorus Line” it was so much fun, and she really taught me a lot more than I expected.