Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make the committee meeting and buddy event this weekend because I went out of town. However, Libby, my buddy partner, let me know everything that they did at the buddy event. She told me our buddy, Yasmin, and her read books at ImaginOn, looked at art, and played on interactive computers. Libby also told me that Yasmin “wrote a letter” to me on a computer at ImaginOn. She was typing gibberish, but she was saying “Hello, Louisa! I miss you and hope to see you soon! I love you, have a good day.” It really made me feel good when I heard this, because it made me feel like I was important in her life and that I was making a difference. Because I missed this buddy event, Libby, Yasmin, and I are going to paint pottery soon, and I am really looking forward to it. For our committee meeting yesterday, our top three photos (the photos that are going in the book) were due. I am super excited to see how the photo book turns out with all our photos in it! Thanks for reading! Louisa Stein