This weekend was the Thunder Road 5k, I had the opportunity to guide Kirsten who was blindfolded. We walked the race in support of Taylor’s Tale, blindfolded. The blindfold was used to simulate one of the symptoms of Battens disease; a rare disease that Taylor was diagnosed with. I think we made a huge impact when we crossed the finish line clad in purple. After the race was the committee meeting. I can’t believe they’re almost coming to a close for this year! This week at committee meetings we wrote letters to our small group leaders. It was great getting to tell Tyler how grateful I was for him, he has helped make my first PFO season life-changing. After the committee meeting and Lifetalk was the buddy event. I was extremely nervous about this buddy event in particular because it was my first ever alone with Shamus. We had a great time playing with the toys and activities that ImaginOn has to offer. I can’t wait until our next PFO event. Peace out Journey Group!