Today I got to see the amazing, the terrific, the fantastic, one and only Brian, who is my buddy and who I have missed so much. Me and Sammy (my buddy partner) agreed that it had been too long since we saw our little angel. Today our buddy event was at Imaginon and me and Sammy were lucky because when we got there, Brian was sitting there waiting for us! He was so adorable because he was so happy and ecstatic. Even though he is nonverbal, he said “Yay!” and me and Sammy were like OMG. So we explored with the adorable, little angel, but he soon got tired and very hungry so me and Sammy sat and read him a story while feeding him animal crackers, yes I know we love him. And afterwards sadly it was time for us to check out. That came a little too fast, in no way, shape, or form were me and Sammy ready to say goodbye to Brian, but we both agreed that we will have to see him way before the next buddy event. I mean, come on, you can never get too much of Brian!