Why hello, Journey Group! Today was a big day for me and PFO. We started the day off freezing and walking in the Thunder Road Race. It was amazing to see PFO come together all in purple to support a non profit in Charlotte called Taylor’s Tale. It was amazing to be apart of something so important to Taylor’s family! After the race we headed to the committee meeting. Since Antho has been killing it on being accountable, we didn’t really have much to do. We were able to catch up with each other, which was so nice and refreshing! The committee meeting ended with one of my favorite Lifetalks about worries and how to handle them. I was so pumped for the Buddy Event so I could see Sara because it had been around 3 weeks since I saw her last! Me, Kate and Sara played around. After this busy day made me feel good about myself and the worries I had about the day slipped away!