Today was a very special day for PFO. We walked the Thunder Road 5k in pairs. One of us was blindfolded to honor the NPO Taylor’s Tale. Taylor is a girl who was diagnosed with Battons Disease. In 2008, she ran the 5k almost blind. We wanted to honor her and this special cause. It was amazing to be blindfolded and to be led by one of my fellow PFO teens. Because my sight was taken away, my other senses were heightened. It was also interesting to experience how dependent we are on sight. Even though this was a challenge, I was with tons of other PFO teens and parents and staff all clad in crazy purple with high spirits and lots of energy. I felt like I could do anything, as long as I had the support of people that care. I am honored to be a part of such an amazing cause and to be surrounded by people that care. Hope you’ve had a great November so far! Make sure to keep up with our annual Gratitude Campaign this month!!