Hello Journey Group! Today my buddy, Annabelle, and my buddy partner, Carlisle and I had such a fun time at Imaginon. A moment that I had with my buddy last year that really touched me was one where we were playing a very “childish” game. This happened again this buddy event, and I forgot what it felt like to just play a game with your heart and soul, not focusing on large tests coming up, ballet, theatre, or school, school, school, and school. So, anyhow, we started playing hide and seek… but instead of just hiding, Annabelle and I would play ‘spy’ on the seeker. We would creep behind, hide behind doors or columns, and poke our heads around corners. I had such a fantastic time playing this game and it really brought me back to the present. I think it is very easy to live in the future and playing a game such as hide and seek, really brings you back to the present. So today my gratitude goes to Annabelle and Carlisle for giving me a memory I will never forget.