Hey Journey Group! Yesterday was filled with events, such as the Thunder Road 5k, a committee meeting, and a buddy event! I want to tell you all about the 5k race. PFO was honoring another non-profit called Taylor’s Tale, who is raising awareness and trying to find a cure to Battens Disease. About 15 adults and teens paired up and walked together. The message was really sent by having the teens lead the adult, while the adult was blind folded. I was paired up with the Cookbook and Visual Art advisor, Anna Gaeckle! Anna was a perfect partner. We moved around and talked to different people, we skipped and jumped and danced. Anna was wonderfully happy and energetic, although it was early Saturday morning and 26 degrees. I am so thankful PFO gives me so many opportunities to help and give in my community and bond with fellow PFOers while doing it.