Hello Journey Group! Today was another amazing PFO day. We had the Thunder Road 5K, a committee meeting, Lifetalk, and a buddy event. It was such a crazy awesome day and when I look back on days like today, I always feel such deep gratitude for the opportunities PFO has given me. But anyway, what I wanted to tell you about was the Thunder Road 5k. As a told you about in my previous blog, about 15 teens and 15 adults from PFO ran the race blindfolded to raise awareness for Battens Disease and the nonprofit working to find a cure, Taylors Tale. I got up super early, dawned my purple tutu and headed out into the 22 degree weather. Even though it was cold at the starting line, everyone was getting pumped by dancing around and cheering. At the sound of the gun, my parter put on her blindfold and we were off. The race was fantastic. When we crossed the finish line, I felt like I had accomplished so much, and knew that my partner and I had just done something that really made a difference. But it was not just us, it was all the PFO runners who trained for weeks to bring awareness to Battens Disease, and hopefully help find a cure.