Hey Journey Group! Today was a super fun day! We had our committee meeting and worked on our artist statements, had a great Lifetalk, then went to the ImaginOn buddy event! This has for sure been my favorite buddy event so far. My buddy partner Sonia and I got to spend the hour with Lexi playing different games at ImaginOn. We all played the board game Would You Rather, Jenga, and a card game called War. Out of all of the games, War was our favorite. The card game was so fun because the card were HUGE playing cards and we got to play with other buddys and PFO teens! Seeing how excited Lexi was to see people she knew and play games that she loved to play made me so happy and excited, as well. We all really did just have the best time spending quality time together! I cannot wait until the next buddy event to see and spend time with Lexi, We even made plans to go to the movies for her birthday in February! Until next week, Riley.