Hey, Journey Group! Today was a day jam-packed with PFO. I started out the morning by cheering on some fellow PFOers and many strangers as they ran the Thunder Road race. PFO walked the 5k blindfolded in honor of Taylor’s Tale, one of last year’s non-profit honorees! After cheering, we went straight to committee meetings and after, a Buddy Event at ImaginOn. Unfortunately, my buddy, Katie, couldn’t make this event. Instead, I got to hang out with Evan, another buddy in PFO. He was so full of energy and imagination and was so fun to hang out with. We spent the day running around ImaginOn making up scenarios about time-travel, becoming superheroes and destroying robots as we went along. Evan helped me realize what an amazing feeling it is to explore, free of cares and free of fear of other’s judgement. I can’t remember the last time I felt so in-touch with myself, and can’t thank Evan enough for making that connection with me. Thanks, Journey Group! See you next time!