Hey there Journey Group! This Saturday I got to cheer for all of the PFO teens and adults walking the Thunder road 5k. They were paired up, and the adult was blind folded. We were helping Taylor’s Tale, a non-profit that helps fight Batten disease. Taylor was diagnosed with Batten’s and eventually lost her eyesight. She ran the 5k blind. Last year, in honor of Taylor, Taylor’s sister ran blind as well. This year, PFO teens led adults blindfolded through the 5k, wearing purple in honor of Taylor’s Tale. The site was beautiful, and made me feel so grateful and lucky to be part of an organization that gives back. It was 7:45 am on a Saturday, below freezing, and everybody was still out there screaming and yelling and cheering for the runners and the PFO walkers and for Taylor’s sister. It was a beautiful (if cold!) morning.