Hi Journey Group! Today was a fantastic day packed full of PFO! I started out the day by walking the Thunder Road 5K, leading a blindfolded adult to raise awareness for Taylor’s Tale, a nonprofit PFO honored last year. Then, we went straight into our seventh committee meeting accompanied by a Lifetalk on “Worry, Doubt, and Fears”. Finally, I ended my PFO day with an amazing Buddy Event at ImaginOn. I had a great time at ImaginOn with my buddy, Luke, and my buddy partner, Chloe. We did a variety of activities. We looked at many random objects hanging from the ceiling, playing in the model trolly and I even got to read a book, ‘Click, Clack, Moo’, to Luke! Overall, this got me so pumped for the rest of this year and it filled me up with gratitude. This amazing day will definitely go down as one of my most treasured days ever.