This week in PFO we had a ton of events, and what a great way to prepare for all the events going on next weekend, including winter ball! My favorite part of the day had to be the buddy event. It felt like ages since I had seen my buddy and was one of the most wonderful joys to finally see him again, and also reminds me how I need to improve my effort in keeping touch. We did the ImaginOn Buddy Event, which has to be one of my favorites. I love seeing all of the buddies play and interact so freely and happily in a public environment, it really shows how the buddy program is so much bigger than just what we do once a month. I think these events in public spacings really show why we have the buddy events and how they can lead others to the same persepective as our own. It was a blast of course to explore the space all day and just have fun! Until next week, journey group.