Dear Journey Group! So the Thunder Road race was today, and PFO walked it decked in purple to honor Taylor’s Tale, a non-profit that raises money for research for rare diseases in honor of Taylor who was diagnosed with Batten’s disease causing her to go blind. Anyway, half of PFO was going to walk blindfolded, in honor of Taylor, and the other half was going to walk leading them. I came in the morning in about 3 pairs of leggings, two shirts, a sweater, 2 sweatshirts, and a large jacket, gloves and a hat ready to cheer, despite the freezing cold weather. When I met up with everyone before the race, however, we found out that one of the walkers was sick, and so someone would be needed to take her spot in order to be a guide. I decided, “Why not?” and volunteered to walk. 3.1 miles later, after having walked guiding one of my best friends, Sonia, blindfolded throughout the whole race, I was so happy that I had volunteered. This feeling was multiplied when I saw Laura, Taylor’s sister, finish the half marathon blindfolded. It was very inspiring to see her accomplish something so difficult for someone she loved. I was just reflecting on my past blogs, before I started writing this one, and I came across one from a couple of weeks ago, talking about how running/walking blindfolded was out of my comfort zone, but I was inspired by all the teens who were walking. Who knew that just a couple weeks later I would decide 20 minutes before the race started to why not walk? I’m so glad I did; I walked because I love PFO, and the causes we aim to impact.