Hello Journey Group! Today we had a committee meeting, buddy event, and the big Thunder Road Race! It was a big day for PFO and I felt so honored to have participated in walking the 5k for Taylor’s Tale. For those of you who don’t know, Taylor is a very good friend of PFO who was diagnosed with Batten disease. Last year, PFO honored Taylor’s Tale and Taylor’s sister, Laura, who ran the Thunder Road 5k blindfolded in honor of Taylor’s last race (which she ran nearly blind). So this year, we decided it was go big or go home, and a group of PFO parents walked the 5k blindfolded tethered to teens! The whole training process and the race itself was such a moving experience for me. I was paired with Carlos Vasconcellos, Juliana and Sonia’s dad. I was amazed at how easily Carlos trusted me to lead him, and it was very touching as well. It is rare that teens are put in the position that they are needed by adults, but today the responsibility was put in our hands as we led the parents on. I thought of Taylor the whole time, and how brave she is. Carlos could take off his blindfold, but Taylor didn’t have that option. I’ve had the privilege to meet Taylor multiple times through community outreach classes that I volunteer at, and she seems to have light radiating out from her heart. Thank you Taylor for inspiring me in everything I do, Carlos for making Thunder Road a great experience for me, and as always, thank you PFO for opening my eyes to a new perspective on life and giving back.