It was suggested that I write a blog about someone that I was grateful for, because I was not there on Saturday. I realized that there are many people that I would love to tell, but my cousin Victoria wins. I had never spoken to Victoria prior to Saturday evening at my grandmother’s birthday party. We both felt out of place, so it was only natural for the two ‘outsiders’ to gravitate towards each other. It was wonderful to meet someone who was so similar to myself; we both love Doctor Who, we both hang around nerds (who are generally males), and we both have the same sense of humor. I really felt as though I had known her for many years. It helps that we are close in age (15 and 16). We hung out for the rest of the weekend, practically inseparable. It was great to meet someone as awesome as Victoria. I wish that we lived closer to each other so we could see each other more often.