Hey Journey Group! Today was a busy day in PFO. Early this morning I participated in the Thunder Road 5k by cheering on the hard working, dedicated runners doing the 5k run. We also cheered and fully supported Taylor’s sister who was running the half-marathon. Even though it was really cold, I truly enjoyed seeing how cheering the runner/walkers made them feel. People came around smiling, feeling encouraged, and it felt good to give them that. So after the race, that our lovely PFO teens And parents finished, we went back to the Creative Campus to have our committee meeting which went smoothly as always. I got to show some gratitude to a very special person in my life, which felt good. We had our Lifetalk About our doubts, which made me realize that I’m not alone in some of my doubt, which felt good to know. After our great Lifetalk we had our buddy event, which is always fun because I get to be with my buddy Quay. We had our buddy event at Imaginon, which is one of the best libraries in Charlotte. When Quay got there, me and my buddy partner, Sadie, just sat there and we talked to her the whole time about a lot of stuff. It made me truly know who she is and it was just a great time.