Hello Journey Group! I just wanted to blog about my growth this year in PFO. I can’t even image trying to squish everything I have to say into one blog so I’ll focus on my growth specifically within my committee, as a photographer. I have always planned on taking photography in High School, however getting the opportunity to explore photography this year was incredible. There was no pressure to produce amazing pictures, it was all just go for it and see what happens. I was shocked at what I came up with! I really love my top three pictures and am so proud of them. It wasn’t always easy though. I often felt like I had run out of ideas, like I had nothing else to say in my pictures. But all it took was one burst of an idea and I was off taking pictures again. These committee meetings have been such an awesome experience and opportunity for growth. I have so much gratitude for my advisor and my co-chairs and I can’t wait to see our finished product.