Today was a very exciting day for PFO, as well one of our long-standing non-profit honorees, Taylor’s Tale. Just before 8am, we suited up in all purple to join the starting line of the Thunder Road 5K in uptown. I walked tethered to an incredible adult, Pam, who wore a blind-fold in honor of Taylor King, a 16-year old girl fighting a rare, degenerative disorder called Batten disease. After losing her sight, Taylor ran the Thunder Road 5K several years back while tethered to a sighted guide. This is just the picture we hoped to recreate as we brought awareness to Batten Disease and honored Taylor’s story. At last year’s Thunder Road, I ran my first 5K in honor of Taylor and at the time, merely finishing a race seemed inconceivable to me. However, I pushed the boundaries of what I thought I was capable of. And this year, the experience of guiding Pam through the many obstacles of the race also proved to be a whole new venture into the realm of possibility. Ironically, I found that the most eye-opening moments of the race were those in which I could not see a thing. When you can’t see, beauty takes on a whole new meaning. It is the laughter of kids running by you; the way joyful people ‘be’ when they are with you; a hug that offers tangible connection. We’ve all heard “It’s what’s on the inside that counts” but from this race, I now know what I before, only knew about. And I won’t stop just because I’ve crossed the finish line; each day, I will aim to see beauty through Taylor’s eyes. Will you?