Yesterday I did my Lifetalk on fear, doubt, and worry. Now normally performing in front of people is not a nerve-wracking thing for me. I’ve done musical theatre for as long as I can remember and never really got nervous beforehand. Yet for some reason, and I have noticed this in other situations, when I have to do something as me, Jackie, and not me playing another character, I become much more nervous. I’ve noticed this in school choir as well. When I sing as a character, I can do it front of a huge audience without fear and I can do it in full voice without a problem. But, when auditioning for a solo or even performing the solo at the concert, as myself, I get incredibly nervous and don’t sing as well. In theatre I can hide behind a character, but in life there is nothing to hide behind except yourself (if that makes sense). Anyway, before the Lifetalk I was freaking out, but when it started, I was fine. I felt myself relaxing and as the nerves subsided, I was able to give my 100% authentic self to that Lifetalk. And afterward some other teens came up and said they really enjoyed the Lifetalk and I can’t even express the amount of gratitude I had in that moment. All I really wanted was for the Lifetalk to go well and for people to get something meaningful from it. I think I achieved that goal. And I also think I came one step closer to being able to not get nervous performing as myself and to stop hiding behind a character. I guess in that way my Lifetalk had an impact on me that I hadn’t realized until I wrote this. I am facing my fear and turning away from the safe path of fear. I choose to walk down the path of possibility. And I hope that when faced with a similar crossroads, journey group, that you choose the path of possibility as well.