Yesterday was a HUGE day for PFO. We started out the day walking the Thunder Road 5k in honor of Taylor’s Tale. We then went to our second to last committee meeting and had an amazing Lifetalk by Jackie and SCT. Right after that, we had our awesome ImaginOn buddy event. To say the least, the day was very long. When I was on the way to the buddy event I found myself hungry and very tired almost ready to give up on the day. But when I saw my buddy running towards me with a huge smile on his face, it all suddenly seemed worth it. I realized that it always pays off in the end to give 100% in whatever you are doing. Waking up at 6:30am paid off when I got to cross the finish line of the race and feel proud of myself. All the extra time we put into planning committee meetings paid off when we saw how much we got done. Putting in all the energy I had left into hanging out with my buddy definitely paid off when I saw how happy he was. So in the end, I am going to start putting in that extra effort because like I learned yesterday, it will pay off in the long run.