Rocking my world…

I’m often asked the question…what inspires you? The simple truth is people. People who defy human conditions, expectations, stereotypes and the status quo, to expand into their greatness – that is what inspires me most.

When asked who inspires you… my answer is simplistically complex – 80 teens, 12 advisors, 3 staff and 1 Executive Director – all wrapped in a beautiful organization called Playing for Others or PFO.

Several weeks ago, I walked away from a PFO event and what flooded my mind and heart as I walked to my car was this…

You rock my world. Not the rocking that brings me to my knees shaken, bruised and battered. But the rocking that brings me to my feet and to the very tips of my toes. You know that moment at the end of a performance so brilliant and moving that you can’t stay seated – where everything in you is lifted to your feet in a loud uproarious thunder of applause and cheering. Or a snapshot in your memory where you witnessed genius, or someone defying the odds and superseding a limit or circumstance the world said was impossible.

This is how I feel around teens, staff and advisors in PFO. Like my world is continually rocked in the best way.

And then I ask the question…How am I rocking my own world? Where am I stopping and celebrating my own miraculous journey and allowing myself to feel, really feel the impact of my life? Am I taking bold steps for granted under the guise of I “should” be doing this or am I celebrating each moment I step further and further into my greatness? I recognize my tendency to celebrate others more than myself. So, with this deeper level of awareness, I get to choose. It doesn’t mean I stop celebrating others; quite frankly, I couldn’t do that if I wanted to! I am a cheerleader by nature. However, it does mean that I get to choose to see myself the same way I see everyone else and rise to my feet in a thunder of applause and cheering because I too have defied odds, superseded limits and circumstances the world says is impossible.

My guess is that you have too.