Hey Journey Group! Today was the meet your buddy event in Veteran’s Park. Sadly, Mikaya, my buddy, decided not to be a part of the buddy program so me and Lindsay are no longer buddy partners. On the bright side I got a new buddy partner, Sonia, and new buddy, Lexie! Lexie is 16 years old and super sweet. Lexie really was up for everything the park had to offer, which made me very happy because we could go and do whatever she wanted! It was clear that Lexie’s favorite part of the park was the water! She came very prepared, bathing suit and all! We all went to the swing once, the slide once, and the water 3 different times! I also saw from being with Lexie that she genuinely loved just being where she was and who she was with and around. Multiple times she went up to other buddy parents to hug them and ask them where their child is so she could find them and hug them! I really cannot wait to see what Lexie, Sonia, and I get to do together this year because if it is anything like today was, it’s going to be an amazing year!