The 1415 PFO season has begun and we couldn’t be more excited. In August we kicked off our season with our Annual Retreat. Over the course of 8 days we welcomed both new and returning members in the PFO family. Each day focused on a different part of what we do at PFO. Teens learned about our Buddy program and found out who their buddies will be. They also participated in Arts workshops themed around the different Arts experiences we will be doing this year. Teens also learned more about the committees they will be on: Children’s Book, Cook Book, Anthology Book, and Photography Committee.

On August 24th we had our first buddy event. Teens and their buddies met for the first time on a gorgeous afternoon at Veteran’s Park. It was an incredible day of connection as Buddy tripods began to build their relationships. We filled the park with our energy and laughter, running around the playground, wolfing down snow-cones, and getting soaked in the spray ground. The event was a blast and the perfect way to launch our season. Check out this blog for the latest updates on what PFO is doing in our community.