One More Good Thing

Playing For Others continues to teach me that there is always one more good thing needed to be done, wanting to be done, calling to be done. Gathering in the energy that is Playing For Others is unlike any other energy that I have experienced. I keep saying it because it is true. Love is a verb, but love also has a frequency and that vibration flows through every PFO gathering, large or small. I photographed the Night of Gratitude performances in January and was once again blown away by the mountains that can be moved by this ever-growing family of diverse people. Inspired by all of the honorees, the entire evening was gratitude personified.

It was Rahman Khan, who truly grabbed my heart strings when I first heard him speak at a candlelight vigil, honoring the fallen of the San Bernadino shooting. His warm presence wasn’t trying to make sense of the tragedy, but to call us all to gather close to one another, to make it our priority to spread understanding and love and unity in difficult times. I heard him speak because instead of having our planned holiday party, Jen and Pam thought it best for us all to attend the vigil to support our sister Hannah as she was speaking too.

The call to inspired action, big or small, is a sacred duty of Playing for Others. When we are asked the questions, “Who am I?” and “How will I give of that?” the answer is one of action. It is not who do you think you want to be, it is who are you? Who were you born to be? And then the answer is go get to it! Being asked to stand up for your brothers and sisters is a sacred act of belonging. Playing For Others continually opens the door wider and wider to those who yearn for belonging to something greater and more joyful than they originally thought possible.

My gratitude rests with being included in this organization. I am in full belief that there is always one more good thing to do!