Dear Friends,

We really want to share with you what we have had the privilege of becoming recently…We have become part of the PFO family. We surely never had any thought that a place like this could have existed, especially under our very noses in our new home in Charlotte.

Throughout the last months of jumping into the program, being welcomed into the PFO family, to the day we arrived at the retreat and walked down a gauntlet of glowing teens; we have been in a state of learning and awe at everything these teens have going for them, at what PFO brings out of them, at who they are, at what PFO is. It couldn’t be summed up in any blog, but we believe it can in a film 🙂

The WOW moments we have experienced already are numerous and powerful. The teens inspire us and reaffirm all of our own shared beliefs in what we feel our purpose is – giving back by connecting the community through the arts, creating amazing things. It’s easy to see the wonderful art PFO has created over the years, seeing what has been nurtured inside of these teens & the alumni is the hidden treasure – which is not so hidden if you spend a morning with PFO. Our paths ran synchronously, but we couldn’t feel any more gratitude than if we ran smack into this wild bunch. This year, PFO’s ninth, is going to be epic. Our connection with our fellow advisors is intense, and the organization’s team that makes this all happen is everything.

Stay tuned for more of our PFO adventures. Check out to learn more.

We didn’t know how much fun it could be..leadership training, being vulnerable, growing…Playing for Others.

-Alexis & Levin