Today I finally got to meet my buddy Brian and he was so adorable and sweet. First we sat in the mulch and talked, laughed and took photos. I also found out a lot about Brian like that he likes water, music, and my all-time favorite cuddling. Then we went for a walk around the park where he would laugh at the simplest little things like a tree or a fence; it was so sweet and beautiful. After our walk we decided it was time for a little snack and by then we could already see Brian rubbing his eyes, inching closer towards sleep but luckily he got his second wind. Afterwards we went to the water park where Grace dragged me in. Thank you, Grace (I will be killing you later). Brian also had a blast where he played until he was shaking with joy. Afterwards it was time to say good bye but it wasn’t over in my mind. I kept replaying the great day over and over again. Thank you, Brian!