We are halfway through the PFO year and I wanted to share about the journey so far, what I’ve learned, and how PFO has impacted me. I have expanded my comfort zone as a leader this year, and I am extremely grateful for all of the connections I have made this year so far. The teens and staff members have created such an amazing and safe space for everyone involved in PFO, and it shows in the growth of everyone, including me. I am no longer afraid to speak up, or be my true authentic self. Without Playing for Others, I wouldn’t be who I am today. Although this is my last year in high school and Playing for Others as a teen, the things I have practiced and learned throughout my journey will help guide me for the rest of my life. You have also helped this transformation happen. If I didn’t have the love and support from all of my friends and family members, my journey and growth wouldn’t have been possible.