We are halfway through the PFO year and I wanted to share about the journey so far, what I’ve learned, and how PFO has impacted me. The biggest thing I have learned in PFO so far is that I can choose to accept or reject my thoughts. I have learned that our thoughts are not real and they have no effect on our feelings and actions, unless we let them in. Just because I think something, doesn’t mean it is true about who I am. Although it is much harder said than done, this PFO season, I have worked on accepting self expanding thoughts and rejecting self limiting thoughts. This year specifically, I have had to step into a greater leadership role. Being Co-President has been inspiring because I have been able to be confident and authentic and create the space for others to be these things as well. I have worked very hard these past three years to be exactly who I say I am, and have loved inspiring others that they can be exactly who they say they are. I hope as the year continues I will be able to show everyone that they will be accepted for their true selves.