We are halfway through the PFO year and I wanted to share about the journey so far, what I’ve learned, and how PFO has impacted me. I’m sort of amazed at the transformation that has taken place inside me since the very first day in August. I know that not many people would use the word shy to describe me, but what some people don’t realize is that my comfort zone is very limited. I like to know exactly what I’m walking into. From day one, I realized that PFO would be a “comfort zone stretcher” like no other. Every hour at PFO holds a new and beautiful surprise. Like finding out that the visionary behind the entire organization is having the opportunity to do a TED talk. Or a fellow teen is going to stand up in front of all of PFO and perform her slam poetry piece for the very first time. Or that I would be awarded the “Avocado of Accountability” for being on top of my responsibilities for the week. These surprises are what set PFO apart from everything I’ve ever been a part of. Never knowing just what I might find behind the doors of Creative Campus but always being wonderfully surprised each and every moment. PFO has taught me the real definition of full body commitment. How to truly give 110% for everything you do and owning it. For me, I think that that has been the most motivating and empowering part of this whole experience thus far. Because these are the things that you can use in every outlet in your life. What will make you stand out from the others. These are the kind of things that make me so grateful for PFO and inspires me to put my whole heart into it in order to find out what the final outcome will be. Thanks for walking alongside me in this transformation.