We are halfway through the PFO year and I wanted to share about the journey so far, what I’ve learned, and how PFO has impacted me. First off, I’ve made so many new friends. This is my second year in PFO, which means plenty of new and old teens that I still have the wonderful opportunity to get to know. I’ve made friends with my new buddy partner, Ava, this year, and various people on my Anthology Committee. They’re the best! I’m so proud of my committee and all of the new teens I’ve gotten to know this year. So many people I’ve become close to have been so open and welcoming, and I’m really glad to know that PFO will be a welcoming place even once I leave next year, thanks to these new teens.

I’m also very excited about all the new things I myself have done this year. Since the very beginning of the retreat this year, I’ve noticed that I’ve gained an incredible amount of confidence. I feel comfortable meeting and talking to new teens now. Anyone that knows me well will probably also know that I’m shy, at least when I’m around a lot of people I don’t know very well. However, I think being in PFO has allowed me to really not feel so worried about that anymore, and just be myself. 
I’m so excited for the rest of the year, we start rehearsals for the musical soon! And can’t wait to share more about what we’re doing with you all. Thank you so much for your support!