Dear Journey Group,

We are halfway through the PFO year and I wanted to share about the journey so far, what I’ve learned, and how PFO has impacted me. The biggest thing that PFO has taught me this year is the significance of presence. I have always been a worrier— worrying about grades. Friends. College. Family. Ultimately, I worry about everything in the future. Very rarely do I take time to just sit down and bask in the present moment. Playing for Others has mainly taught me to live each second to its absolute maximum potential, because it’s the only kind of that moment that you will ever get. If I miss it because I am trying to think one step ahead of myself, then I am missing out on the opportunities and beautiful things that surround me each day.
Another huge concept that has left an impact on me is about authenticity. Two years ago, I was scared about what people thought. Constantly. I was terrified that people wouldn’t like my outfit or my dancing or my weird jokes. So I played everything safe because, at that moment, I cared more about what others thought of me than what I thought about myself. Then, I joined PFO and learned this: Your authentic self is your best self. If people cannot appreciate what I have to bring to the table, then I smile and move along, being me the whole way through. I can proudly say that I love who I am. I can dance in the middle of a circle and not worry about what people are thinking, because all that matters is what I think about myself. I am magnificent. I am passionate. I am courageous.
I challenge you to remember these two things that I just shared with you. They have changed the way I view every single person and moment I encounter. Thank you so much for your continued support in my Playing for Others experience! You are the absolute grandest. Check out the things below to stay updated on what’s goin’ on in PFO world!

In gratitude,

Libby Bridges