Counting on Accountability

In my time with Playing for Others, I have learned the four As. They are Attitude, Acceptance, Accountability and Action. If you skipped right over the title of this blog, I’ll give you a hint as to which “A” this blog will be about: it rhymes with schmaccountability. Accountability to me has evolved over the years. When first hearing the term as a teenager, it was paired with the word “group” in which you basically had confession with your group every so often, telling them the bad things that you had done in hopes that this would hold you accountable and stop doing these bad things. My experience with these groups is that they seem to work pretty well but they give only a small window into what accountability can mean.

Accountability to me now is the belief that you have something awesome to give to the world and making sure that that awesomeness is shown. Throughout the past weeks with my committee, we have been creating a cookbook. And let me tell you, the teens that I have been working with are definitely awesome. The week after finding out what holidays they would be representing in the cookbook, a few teens brought delicious treats based on their holiday; the teen representing Valentine’s Day brought raspberry truffles and the teen representing Ramadan brought a rose water drink, both out of this world.

Our communication through this process has been through a group chat called GroupMe. This is where I have seen a tremendous amount of accountability. Never have I seen anything like “Some of you didn’t do it. You need to step your game up.” Every message has been something to the effect of “We have something to do! You’re awesome! Let’s get it done!” or “I believe in you! Let’s do it!” Granted, I’ve been blessed with a group that has tended to get things done pretty quickly, but the amazing positivity of the group and the way that the hold each other accountable is something that I haven’t seen done before.

Through the six-week committee process, the amazing accountability of this group has been astounding. They have worked together to become even more amazing people and to create an amazing product. I can’t wait to see the final product and how these amazing teens will affect change in Charlotte and the world!