The amazing thing about growing up is that you kind of forget that you weren’t always grown up (or somewhere on the way). At the meet your buddy event, my buddy partner and I met our buddy for the first time- an awesome and adorable 12 year old girl named Zoe. We ended up going all over the park, playing in the splash ground, and singing lots and lots of Disney songs. It’s been such a long time since I’ve played like a little kid again, and there’s really nothing like it. Letting go of everything and pretending I’m on a death bridge with alligator sharks chasing me and yelling and laughing and running, is something that I’ve forgotten as I’ve gotten older. But just playing like that and being imaginative and making the craziest things up- those are so important and allow me to tap into my inner child. Not to be childish, which is completely different. And it was Zoe that showed me how to do this again, because I forgot. I truly cannot thank her enough for the experience that I had.