Live like a giant –

It’s in between meetings two Saturdays ago, and teens are eating lunch…I’m walking around chatting, and I hear something…I’m thinking someone has a radio on somewhere or is listening to an iPod. But when I listen a little more closely, I’m surprised at their music choice. It’s kind of jazzy-rhythmic-chanting-pop-soulful sounding (how’s that for a description?). And then I hear the distinct sound of a trumpet. Not pre-recorded – this is definitely live. And like the rats in the Pied Piper, I am drawn to its source.

Down the hall, through the door, and into the land of the giants…

B, one of our Music Advisors, is jamming out on the piano; Derrick, one of our Slam poetry Advisors, is on the drums; Colin, another Music Advisor, is the Pied Piper on the trumpet; Jim, our Dance Advisor, is singing backup to Hannah, another one of our Slam poetry Advisors, who is doing her spoken word piece, “Live like a Giant” over all of that, repeating:

live…live…live…live…like a giant…

Hypnotized and inspired by her words, I grab a chair and sit smack in the middle. At first, I look around at each of their faces. These are the people who are working with our teens…enormously loving and immensely talented. These are the role models for our kids…each one spilling out brilliance, flooding the room with their genius. These are the giants I get to surround myself with on a regular basis.

Then, I close my eyes to really just listen. And I hear a piece of the beautiful poem written by our very own Hannah Hassan:

“You’ve got to be kind and persistent
Captivating and vivid
Unforgettable and crazy
And you’ve got to work on this daily

Because you hold your destiny
In every fiber of your being
You define your life
And YOU determine its meaning

You have been given all the tools that you need
You can set the world on fire if you just live by this creed

In the face of the status quo
You have to remain viciously defiant
Yes, You’ve got to take hold of all of these little things
If you want to live like a giant”

A continuing refrain, “Live like a Giant. Live like a Giant. Live like a Giant…”

That moment, with all those amazing souls coming together in the room, creating music and willing us all to live like giants – it was magical. It was the connection between each person in the room. The most beautiful example of what we believe in PFO:

The arts have the power to heal, restore, and connect our community

I can still hear the music in my head when I close my eyes, and I hope one day they’ll get together and actually record that song – partly because I want to listen to it in my car, and mostly because I want to share it with you. I think it’s time we all live like a giant.

Big hugs,