Hi journey group! On Sundays, we finally met our buddies and it was amazing! I was a little nervous at first, but once Tyler and I got to know Trenton, it all disappeared. He is always telling jokes and looking at the bright side. The only difficulty we faced was the wheelchair. Trenton is the coolest kid I have ever met. Since the event was at a park, most kids were running around on the playground, swinging in the swings or playing in the splash park, but because of Trenton’s wheelchair, our options were very limited. Even though we had limited mobility, Trenton kept up a great attitude and in turn, helped Tyler and I keep our spirits up. We ended up walking around the park on a path and got to meet many new people and talk to other buddies. We were able to people watch, play with dogs walking in the park and really talk to each other. Instead of chasing each other around in a game of tag, Trenton, Tyler and I talked, laughed and listened and became close friends in only 2 hours. The best part was when Tyler and I raced Trenton in his wheelchair. At the end, Trenton had to stop because he was laughing so hard! The buddy event helped me realize that these buddies understand more about an attitude of gratitude and keeping their spirits up than I ever will. I admire Trenton’s strength and seemingly endless joy. He inspires me and fuels my attitude of gratitude.