Salutations beautiful journey group! I wanted to tell y’all about an exciting experience I recently had in PFO. This past Sunday, Louisa (my buddy partner) and I met our buddy Yasmin!! At first when we talked to her, she was super friendly but a little on the shy side. Our goal for the buddy event was to bring her out of her shell, even if that meant just a little bit, and so we started small. We ate snow cones at Veteran’s Park and asked her about what she likes to do, her favorite color- just basic conversation. Very quickly we discovered she loved princesses, and so Louisa and I came up with a game. Yasmin and I were both princesses, and I was helping her find her prince (Louisa, who was hiding). We all had a blast getting to know each other, and it made me realize how much we all have in common. Words can’t explain how excited I am for this upcoming year with her.