Hey there journey group! I hope you all had a great end to your summer- I know I did! The last day of my summer was the same day as the “Meet Your Buddy” buddy event! I had a blast! My buddy is named Shamus and he is five years old. During the buddy event, we played on the playground, ate snow cones, and played in the water splash park. I realized, during this event, that I still have my inner-kid inside of me, and that’s important to have. In the midst of all the stress of high school, and being a teenager, it’s so important to use times like these to just have fun and let go of all that stress. I am grateful for PFO and how it teaches me how to be accountable, get things done on time, manage my time and responsibilities, and prioritize. However, it has also reminded me that it is okay to let go and have fun and be a kid. I played in a splash park and on the playground with my buddy partner and buddy, and I had so much fun!