Wassup Journey Group!? I’m hoping everyone had as great of a day as I did. Today was our first buddy event, an unstructured event so each teen and buddy can connect with their new friend. My buddy, Annabelle, is the kindest and coolest kid I know. At the park, it can be mayhem- buddies running around, teens chasing them, and honestly it could be overwhelming to any kid, but Annabelle was never phased. Most of the time, we sat at a picnic table and talked about everything under the sun. Despite the fact that Annabelle is 9, I feel that I was able to connect with her easily. This made me realize that you don’t have to be in the same age range to have common interests. She has such a chill sense of maturity that I am very grateful for. My buddy partner, Carlisle, is also such a rock in the group and brings the energy to a comfortable level. Me, the bubbly and vivacious (sometimes overly so) person, could be a challenge for anyone to work with, and Annabelle with a slightly lower energy gets the perfect mix with Carlisle and I, because Carlisle brings a sense of calm to any room. So, with that, I want to give my gratitude to my buddy and buddy partner for going with the flow and being easily connectable. That’s it for now, thanks for reading!