Action: the requirement for my modality of language to exist. Without it, dance would look and feel like a flipbook of photos, a simple prequel to real moving images. We, by far, are more than pictures and shapes. Our imperfections face forward. Our own breath, a denominator that measures our living existence, is seen, heard, and so viscerally felt. There is something about seeing an action being birthed into reality that makes it most precious. It can move us, fill us, and stay with us for as long as we have the capacity to remember. Yet there is no pause, stop, or rewind button. There is no auto-record.

The art gifts us for our commitment with affirmation received in our actions. Action requires our accountability, our own acceptance, and ultimately should instill an attitude of gratitude. This, I believe, is what part of an artist’s journey requires. This is where we seek our own humanity: We secretly pray for fulfillment and that our humbled actions appease every eye. We seek it in the inception, the process, and the final product of our work. It is what makes us real.

When we give ourselves to something whole-heartedly; it is even more important that we commit to it in both our quantity and quality of time. It stirs a hunger that can truly begin to take on and change your life. Change is exciting, frightening, and would not exist without action. The change exists in the action that we intrinsically know will possess an either positive or negative impact. When we choose to invoke the better action, we tap into the “oneness” – our connection to the world and the human race. Here we stand in our authentic selves and in our power. Here, we are most clearly heard.

Willingly, I admit that I do seek the fruits of my own labor. I find them in knowing that I am a present and contributing member of the world, not living as a bystander, but as an example and even a resounding voice that speaks to and for multiple populations. To know that I am recognized, heard, and above all, that my actions are fully accepted and understood is the ultimate conduit for my journey to Truth.

Words can be minced and mangled to represent or misrepresent the intention behind their existence. But an actions’ existence is untouchable. It is felt and experienced by your whole world, which means that how everyone may receive it does not always align with your original intent. But, accepting this truth and accepting the action for what it is and when we chose to execute it is part of the beauty of the work. We cannot take them back, change them, or capture them. Not to say that words lack the substance to create the same impact as action, but in their state, they do not bear an intent. Action does not exist without intent.
Staying committed to these positive changes is SCARY AND HARD! No matter how much the mind may speak negative feelings, I find resilience in my ability to choose to move and thus counteract these hurdles. The more we stay true to our Greater path, the more we see the other parts of ourselves, the dead branches. We can more readily clip them from our trunk of strength. We release ourselves of the unnecessary weight and can move without the additional facades that can cloud our existence and judgment. We become closer to our authentic selves in action.

PFO is more than the words and ideals that we wish to uphold. It exists because of the actions we take. In these last 2 months, PFO has become a bigger conduit for change than I anticipated. It could not have come at a better time. The sometimes seemingly esoteric concepts that PFO upholds are made tangible, all through action. We experience them with all 5 senses and in 3 learning styles: it is thrilling – unlike anything else I have experienced in a very long time. It is genuine and it instantly fills your heart. I can’t tell you how immediately infectious it is to be in a room with anyone of the PFO spirit. It is wholeness, it is a feeling, and it is a family. A family in action; that is part of what has secured the existence of this organization. How could I not miss these people as if they were of my own blood? I have spent less than a week’s time TOTAL since the beginning of the retreat; yet I can’t tell you how it makes my heart swell and spirit ignite when I am in their presence. Their actions get my reaction: all of love and gratitude. This is where I hope to stand in all that I do.