Today was the first buddy event. When I got there I was happy to see my PFO family, but a little nervous about meeting my buddy Ethan. When we first met Ethan he was a little nervous about us. He didn’t talk as much but when we got snow cones and started talking about his favorite movies he opened right up! When it comes to the Avengers and Marvel superheroes he is a living encyclopedia. We also had fun with some comic books I brought with me. We all sat down and read them together, and I think he enjoyed it. The highlight of the night would have to be when we played pirate/ Ninja. Ethan was super energetic being a pirate with Sophie while I was the rogue ninja that snuck on their ship. BOY WAS THAT A WORK OUT. I had to jump all around and use some of my Tae Kwon Do moves and I couldn’t keep up with Ethan at times. Me and Sophie eventually found balance and caught up with him. I can’t wait till our next Buddy event and I hope we can play pirate again soon. Until next time! In gratitude, Jeremiah