If there is a more anticipated day in the PFO year, I’ll be waiting. As always, it was an amazing experience. Even though my buddy couldn’t make it, I had one of my most memorable times in PFO. Anna, my buddy partner, and I teamed up with Caleb and (Another) Anna as well as their buddy. What began as a simple game of tag turned into a sprawling competition involving at least 30 people (and quite a few of those were not with PFO. No one knew who was it and everyone was okay with it. It is what my mom would call “Delicious Confusion”. But what was the most inspiring thing by far was this: usually when you think of a child with a disability, you might think “slow”, but you’d be wrong. These kids are like lightning. It was amazing how such a simple game could completely dissolve the walls surrounding us, allowing us to play together, as if we were family.