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The PFO “Impact Bracelet”

new impact braceletIn 2015, Playing For Others participant Lucy Murrey (11th grade) wrote a poem called “Impact” as a part of our HeARTbeat program. It was an inspiring piece honoring the Women’s Impact Fund.

And then, she stepped onto a stage and spoke her words.

It was a powerful moment. But one line rocked the crowd most of all. It was when Lucy said: “Impact – the connection between your life and the lives you can change.”

Wow. Those of us at PFO immediately knew that her words cut to the heart of our mission. They spoke deep truths about the work we do with our teens, with other non-profits, and with the Charlotte community.

Soon, Lucy was asked to perform her poem again, for the WIF board. And then again, at their annual meeting. And yet again, as a special guest at the Women’s Collective Giving Network.

Her words continue to resonate with so many people, for so many reasons. Because we want to remember the importance of living a meaningful life. We want to be conscious and intentional about the impact we are having on others, and on the world at large. And we want to honor the impact that others have had on us.

Now, Lucy’s words can inspire you or someone you appreciate, each and every day. The PFO Impact Bracelet is a stylish unisex accessory, handcrafted in Charlotte and imprinted with Lucy’s enduring quote. Constructed of smooth 14 gauge high-quality pliable aluminum and featuring shaped ends for a comfortable fit.

Buy one for yourself, as a daily reminder of the impact you are committed to making in the world. Buy one as a gift to someone in your life, as a way of saying “thank you” for the impact they’ve had on you or your community.

100% of proceeds go to support Playing For Others and its year-round programs for teens – cultivating the next generation of innovative leaders, philanthropists, and compassionate human beings.

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