How Can I Give…

David Bowie’s passing affected me in ways I didn’t see coming. The sadness and reflections on my own mortality I was expecting, it was the gift in the situation I wasn’t ready for.

Bowie, in my humble opinion, was a quiet genius. He affected millions by just being the beautiful artist he naturally was and many of them never even met the man. As a musician, I am humbled by that: the ability to touch people deeply and on such a scale. Simultaneously, I am dismayed at the possibility of never being given the opportunity to reach those kinds of numbers in such a profound way (too old, too out of touch with the current musical trends…all of the regular doubts as well). All of these things start to weigh me down..that is until I think back on this month’s “Night Of Gratitude”.

Watching those teens shine so brightly while honoring those that give greatly of themselves filled me up to overflow and I had an “Aha Moment”. The little I had done by way of aiding in the prep for that night (and trust me, I did very little) may have only affected one teen but that one teen poured light into celebrating the giving of another because he/she was filled up with a group of us adults. The honorees were filled up with love energy being poured into them and are now rejuvenated to continue pouring into others. The cycle gets to continue on and I had the pleasure of seeing what a little good can do (and how it can empower one to do even more). Don’t get me wrong, I will still strive to gain more and more footing in the field of entertainment, but I am no longer hung up on not being able to do much good with the sphere of influence I have. I now know how little it takes to make a major difference. I look forward to doing more. I can’t wait to meet you on the path.

Who are you? How will you give of that?