Out of all of the iterations that the path of my life has taken, the only constant is that I have always wanted to make the greatest possible impact with my time here on earth. Easier said than done, I know. Like many people, I have struggled with trying to answer three major questions:

What it is my purpose in this life?
What does the future hold for me?
How can I achieve the goal of being as impactful as possible?

As I have grown older I have found that there is no way to know what the future holds, that my purpose will be revealed over time. So, two of my major questions have been answered semi satisfactorily, but what I was able to find is that the final question takes some time to figure out, and only requires a few simple changes. What I’ve learned is that by keeping a positive attitude, being grateful, thankful, and helping others to do the same, will help EVERYTHING else in life fall into place. I have also learned that until those simple changes become routine, permanent changes can’t be made.

Here is where Playing for Others comes in.

When I discovered this incredible organization, I found that the most impressive aspect of the work that they do is the way in which they are teaching young people the advanced tools they need to help them navigate this life as positive citizens, and the kind of leaders that I believe are needed in this world. Of the core values that Playing for Others seeks to impart in the teens that they serve, it is gratitude that I feel can be the most important for the development of young people. I believe that it is gratitude that can move obstacles from the path to your destiny. Treating people with respect, love, and empathy, if only for the fact that you have gratitude for your own life and how special your own personal journey is, can be the most rewarding thing you can take part in.

When I became more heavily involved with Playing for Others, I began to find that this was not just a program designed to develop young people into leaders. This is an organization designed to help reinforce a message of positivity and love to the teens. It is an organization that is developing its staff and advisors to create a culture that can permeate the community that we live in, and ultimately reach the rest of the world (as ambitious as that sounds).

Playing for Others has been a constant reminder of the importance of gratitude and generosity. It has shown me that by being consistently generous with my time and talent, I can develop into a stronger person who sets a positive example while being supported by a large network of like minded staff, parents, and fellow advisors. It is my hope that as I continue on this great journey of self discovery, that gratitude continues to be a prevailing theme in my life!