Each season, PFO brings together a group of teens from in and around Charlotte who are diverse in almost every way imaginable. What unites these teens is that they are willing and excited to answer the questions, “Who am I?” and “How will I give of that?”

Interested in joining the PFO family? Check out the information below!

Application Process:

  • Review the 2018-2019 Playing for Others calendar here.
  • Application for the 2018-2019 season is available by clicking the button below!
  • Sit down with Parents to fill out the application online.
  • Once submitted, we will be in touch to invite you and a parent to an interview.

Application Timeline:

  • New Teen Interviews: May 4th & May 6th
  • Decisions: May 7th

Interview components:

  • Arrive, sign in, and go to our receiving room where current PFO teens will be running individual stations and explaining pieces of the PFO program in detail.
  • Parents and teens sit down with a current PFO teen and Advisor for a brief conversation.
  • Finally, teens and parents meet briefly with the Executive Director.
      The interview takes a total of 1 hour. Following the interview, teens will be notified about acceptance; those accepted will be invited to the first meeting of the new season.

Program Fee:

  • We are committed to ensuring that PFO is accessible to all teens.
  • Scholarship need does not affect final acceptance decisions.
  • Families will be given program fee and scholarship process information at the time of the interview.

Apply today!