The time has finally come and our PFO roots are firmly planted in the ground. Playing for Others has just moved into it’s first official office! After months of working from home, coffee shops, and restaurants, PFO staff members are all settling in quite nicely into the new routine of having a collective and creative space to keep those PFO juices flowing. This marks a huge moment in our history and is another reminder to me as to why I love Playing for Others. There is nothing like coming into a bright new space, with freshly painted walls hung with pictures representing our story, and friendly faces singing out to you “Goooooood Morning!”. There is nothing like coming into a place flowing with creativity, ideas and ease. There is nothing like being surrounded by people who are full representations of what love and life are all about. And most importantly, there is nothing like working for an organization like Playing for Others. An organization that brings out the absolute best in you and is the safest space to be yourself and to impact the lives of hundreds. An organization that is full of teens and adults that will help to create the brightest and most colorful future for Charlotte. Being in this new space has reminded me of every single thing that I have ever loved about Playing for Others. It will be a space filled with laughter and imagination. It will overflow with vision and innovation. It will be a space where we plan powerful performances and where teens can come and be their best selves. Where seeds will be planted and ideas will be generated. Most importantly, it will be the home to an organization that is always growing, always inspiring, always serving.