So Saturday was our first buddy event and it was so much fun! My buddy’s name is Ariana, she’s thirteen and is awesome! I’m always a little nervous before buddy events, because I want things to go well and for us all to have a good time, but the minute I met Ariana I knew we would have a great day. Even though she’s younger than my buddy partner, Ava, and I, and we’d never met before, we found that we had so much to talk about right away, and had a great time. We played on the playground, had snow cones, and played in the splash park. My personal favorite part of the whole event, though, was when the three of us ended up sitting in the grass and talking. We asked Ariana what she liked to do, and she said she liked to braid, so I taught her how to do a certain type or braid. I braided her hair and we had so much fun. It made me really happy to see how grateful and pleased she was with her hair and the whole day. Meeting Ariana and having the buddy event was the perfect way to end my summer and I can’t wait until the next event. Until then, bye journey group!